Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

PlanterSpeakers has introduced two new planter speaker designs, designed to provide invisible sound to an indoor or outdoor space. Both the Flagstone and the Piermont incorporate a three-way speaker with a 10-inch woofer, a four-inch midrange driver, and a one-inch tweeter, as well as a soft planting bag custom made by Smart Pots USA.

  • AZEK® PlanterSpeakers

  • Piermont PlanterSpeakers

  • Flagstone PlanterSpeakers

  • Sedona PlanterSpeakers

  • Lattice PlanterSpeakers

  • Terra Cotta/Granite PlanterSpeakers

  • outdoor underground hidden subwooferUnderground Stone Subwoofer

  • outdoor underground hidden subwooferUnderground Mushroom Subwoofer