Pelican Wireless Systems

Pelican rethought and redesigned what a wireless HVAC Energy Management System (EMS) should entail. By building from the ground up, Pelican is able to offer a solution that transmits wireless reliably, is economical to buy/retrofit, and intuitive to manage. With over 35 years of experiences in telecommunication networking and wireless, the technology that Pelican produces is above and beyond what the rest of the HVAC industry is able to provide.

Pelican's technology is designed by Pelican Wireless Systems in Livermore, California. Every product offered is assembled and manufactured in Silicon Valley California, with final assembly and testing done in house. This gives Pelican the advantage of never shipping a product that has been untested or unverified to work as designed.

Once the solution is installed, Pelican delivers advanced cloud based management capabilities that is designed for anyone to be able to use; helping to reduce energy consumption through proactive management and temperature/HVAC unit analysis. There is no extra equipment or software to install or buy. Pelican solution is a simple replacement from your previous thermostats to one of their wireless thermostats. Install a single plug and play wireless gateway, and you now have a highly intelligent EMS always available to you on any PC, smartphone, or tablet.